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projects at early stage or young companies that want to clarify the business idea and validate it

mature companies

companies that want to optimize existing or develop new innovation management processes

universities and business support organisations

all organisations that support others with innovation-related knowledge and skills

My name is Hubert Dyba, PhD

I am an innovation designer, business consultant and academic teacher.

Over years I’ve gained a diversified experience in many roles – innovation consultant, trainer, expert, team leader and executive manager. I work with startups, mature companies, public bodies. I can run an open workshop for wide audience, as well as closed, tailor-made workshops for clients. My expertise covers both ends of innovation management spectrum – from managing single innovation project (with Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Product Discovery methods) to managing innovation at a systemic level in a company (with innovation managememt standards, e.g. ISO 56002 Innovation Management).

During course of my professional career I’ve started and completed a PhD studies with dissertation on startups’ business models. I have also graduated an innovation management course at Stanford Univerisity, as participant of Top 500 Innovators programme. For constant development I’m a member of The International Society for Professional Innovation Management.

My Clients

I can help you
when you're...

a startup founder/CEO...

..and you want to develop your product/service by: 

innovating your business model

make use of my business model workshop verified by hundreds of participants, accompanied by multiple canvases and cards

conducting research

learn more about your business and clients with qualitative and quantitative research methods or from existing secondary data (reports, trends etc)

validating your offer

design with me your business experiments based on Lean Startup approach or organize a Design Sprint

pitching your business

show investor or accelerator your value with a perfect pitch-deck, containing all necessary facts like market size, competition or businss model

…or you want to develop an innovation culture in your organisation by:

making your emploees intrapreneurs

teach your eployees characteristics of your business model, important KPIs, basics of startup entrepreneurship so they can help you making money

working on values

use proven design methods to engage your employees in defining and implementing your company values

I can help you
when you're...

an executive in a mature organisation...

…and you want to enhance innovation management capabilities by:

conducting an innovation audit

check your companies innovation abilities and needs with tools based on technical specification CEN TS 16555 and ISO 5050x Innovation Management standard

defining your innovation strategy

conduct an innovation strategy workshop or sprint to define challenges and design an innovation strategy

creating an innovation funnel

design and implement entire innovation funnel, including idea capture, assessment, project development and ongoing improvement

running internal innovation event/program

engage your employees in new opportunities generation with a single innovation event or with entire program

I can help you
when you're...

a manager at university or at business support organisation

…and you want to support your audience (student, clients) with:

innovation workshops and trainings

use my decade long experience in delivering innovation trainings and workshops. Topics include: business model innovation, startup creation and development, Design Thinking and Service Design, innovation management

custom made programs

enhance your instructional or educational portfolio with innovation and entrepreneurship tailor made program

academic lectures

invite me to teach your students on topics like strategy, innovation strategy, innovation management, business models and business innovation etc.

train the trainer

use my experience to equip your advisors with knowledge and skills on business models, design thinking, innovation management

Why me

Most of my projects in recent years came from returning clients or from recommendations. My strengths are:

A decade of experience

During that time I've worked with startups, big companies, universities and public bodies

Double background

I work in parallel on business and scientific level. My work is easy to understand but based on solid knowledge

Quality. Always.

100% satisfaction is a minimum. I will customize my tools to your needs and create more (cards, canvases) if it brings more value

Some of my projects

My portfolio covers a “full stack” innovation development – from idea generation, through workshops and prototypes design, to working MVPs.

Hybrid course on entrepreneurship for students of Warsaw University

Instructional design
Design of hybrid course (online + onsite meetings) for students of Warsaw University and Warsaw Medical University. Course covers initial stages of entrepreneurial process, from idea definition, through business model development, to validation and pitching.

New intranet for multinational project

Digital product
Project covered research on secondary data, gathering primary data through workshops, designing new functionalities, prototyping and testing new solutions with users. Further stages covered backlog consultations from user perspective, creating manuals and info webinars for users.

Training on business model digitalization for Enterprise Europe Network advisors

Train the trainer workshop
Two Polish EEN consortia were trained on custom made framework for delivering advisory service on business model digitalization, accompanied by tools: canvas and pattern cards.

Designing innovation funnel

Innovation management
Project aimed in structuring innovation management process in a dynamically growing technology startup. In a series of workshops identified sources of ideas, ways of capturing them, assessment criteria, incentive system and relevant documentation for the board.

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